Cherwell Local Plan Review 2040 - Consultation Draft

Closed 3 Nov 2023

Opened 22 Sep 2023


We are preparing a new Local Plan to meet Cherwell's needs, protect its environment and secure sustainable development.

The consultation draft of the Cherwell Local Plan 2040 has been prepared to prompt discussion and feedback on new planning policies to guide the delivery of sustainable development across the district.

We are inviting comments on an emerging set of policies and development proposals to help us consider:

  • What is welcome/unwelcome and why?
  • Have we missed anything?
  • Could the plan be improved?
  • Does the draft Plan meet Cherwell's needs?

The draft Plan is supported by technical evidence made available alongside this consultation. More will follow the consultation as we consider all the comments received.

Related Documents

The documents below provide more information relating to the consultation draft Cherwell Local Plan Review 2040. (The documents will open in a new window).

A schedule of all relevant evidence documents is available HERE.

Public Notice

Cherwell Local Plan Review 2040 Consultation Draft Sept 2023

Interim Sustainability Appraisal August 2023

Interim Sustainability Appraisal Non Tech Summary September 2023

Habitats Regulation Assessment August 2023

Health & Equalities Impact Assessment August 2023

Consultation Statement September 2023

Consultation Statement - Appendices 1 - 10

Consultation Statement - Appendices 11 - 21

Consultation Statement - Appendix 22: Extended Summary of Representations

Interim Duty to Co operate Statement

Downloadable Survey Form

In addition, a fully accessible version of the draft plan is available HERE.

How to submit comments

You can submit comments in one of the following ways:

Your name and contact address (email or postal) are required and any comments received will be made publicly available.

If you have any questions about this consultation, or have any difficulty accessing documents, please email us at or phone us on 01295 221779.

Please make sure we receive your comments before midnight on 3 November 2023.

What happens next

At the end of the consultation period, we will need some time to work through all the feedback received. We will consider all the representations made, will continue to gather further evidence and work towards finalising the Plan by late summer 2024. 

If approved by the Council, this proposed or pre-submission Plan will also be published for comments and all observations received will be submitted with that Plan to the Government as part of the Plan's public examination.




  • Anyone from any background


  • all